"Our Mission is Straight Forward Concentrated on Continuous Improvement of Students."

We want to be the party of our great nation in not only educating but training the steel pillars of tomorrow. by picking the potential candidates from all over the nation we strive hard and work efficiently to achieve the coinciding dream of aspirants and ours.

Centre For Ambition works rigorously towards achieving this dream of making every student worthy of a qualification into the Indian Civil Services. They completely focus on shaping the abilities of their students and train them to be absolutely ready to tackle the examination head on.

Centre For Ambition builds an atmosphere, wherein their students can easily obtain all the different kind of requirements for preparing for this competitive examination proficiently and passionately. Some of the major missions that Centre For Ambition works diligently towards achieving are -

  • Providing the best in class training for competitive examinations along with individual attention to every student.
  • To assist all individuals to work towards a single goal of serving the society better.

  • Inspire their candidates to discover their hidden abilities and revive themselves towards achieving the glories of indomitable success.
  • Strengthen the potential of their candidates with comprehensive and experienced teaching techniques, so as to ensure they are ready to challenge the competitive examinations.
  • Commit students towards the beauty of kindness, serving sincerely and respecting the society and the nationhood.
  • Develop and nurture honour morals, deep feelings, beliefs, and team management qualities in all their students.
  • Inspire and support the financially poor, but deserving candidates, for the competitive examination.
  • To analyse the potential of every aspirant and make them understand his/her capabilities such that he/she can realise the fruits of their unprecedented potential.
  • To ensure that young people are given a chance to nurture their vibrant and fertile minds by being able to put emphasis on and imparting them the courage of their convictions.

Centre For Ambition is certainly among the best IAS academy in India, but at the same time, their reputation as an academy that considers its responsibility to inculcate self-confidence in one's instinctive talents and develop their skills, allows them to easily rank ahead of the herd. Thus, stepping into this institute is a worthy choice that any IAS aspirant is likely to make.


Our classrooms are big enough and having all the facilities to confirm the non-disturbing environment for the study and to ensures that every student can get the individual attention from the teacher.

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